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The Planets and Their Meanings

In actuality, there are nine (official) planets that orbit the Sun in our little solar system, and numerous moons that orbit the majority of those planets. But because we are Terra-centric, so to speak, the Earth is not used in the calculation of a birth chart. However, because the Sun and Moon do affect us astrologically, and are considered by astrologers to be additional planets and used in the calculations as if they were planets, they are included.

The planets are divided into two groups: the Inner planets, which consist of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron, and Saturn and the outer planets, which consist of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The inner planets are said to affect our personal and immediate lives...while the outer planets are said to affect our public and later lives.


Basic character, identity, conscious personality, will, goals in life; each sign of the zodiac (i.e., Virgo, Capricorn, etc.) is considered a Sun sign.


Emotional nature, inner self, dreams, subconscious, the past, the home; probability and/or longevity in marriage. Shapes innermost fears, desires, loves and needs.Positive (conjunct, sextile, trine): emotions and desires are in harmony with the reality of your life - you are personally fulfilled and emotionally stable. Negative (opposite, square): anger, jealousy, hate, fear & depression are evident.


Intellect, mental activity, communication, perception & reason.   Positive: cleverness, articulate speech, a good memory, public speaking ability, a talent for acting or singing; good debate, shrewd negotiation, efficient communication and transportation systems, and higher education.     Negative: sarcasm, deception, fraud, demagoguery, argumentativeness.


Aesthetic appreciation, pleasure, ability to relate to others, love needs, romance, sex; ensures a great degree of compatibility; the ability to appreciate beauty, social grace and friendships. Individuals with strong Venus connections enjoy being together and share much in common. Signifies the probability of marriage.  Positive: sex appeal, charm, amiability, appreciation of the arts, an eye for beauty. Manifested through romance, great art and music, loving and sharing with others.    Negative: decadence, narcissism, laziness


Physical vitality, assertiveness, desire nature, ego, individuality, anger, passion/lust, competition, willpower, energy, sexual drive, aggressive behavior.   Positive: great energy, the will to carry out daunting tasks, endurance, strong sexual drive, adventurous nature, independent-minded, assertive nature.   Negative: recklessness, impatience, quick temper, argumentative, overly aggressive personality.


Good luck, expansion, ideals, philosophical & spiritual teachings, abundance, higher knowledge, prosperity, enthusiasm, good fortune, bigheartedness, success.    Positive: zest for life, new experiences, good health, prominence, wealth, generosity, honesty, good luck.  Negative: laziness, boastfulness, extravagance, blind & misdirected optimism.


Limitations, work, responsibility, structures, tests in life, suffering, hardship, self-control, maturity.     Positive: self-discipline, patience, trustworthiness, integrity, sense of responsibility & fortitude to overcome obstacles & hardships, hard worker.     Negative: reckless ambition, selfishness, pessimism, inflexibility, close-mindedness, cruelty.


Change, upsets, ingenuity, uniqueness, unconventionality, independence, groups/clubs, equality, letting go, freedom, original thinking.     Positive: inspiration, serendipity, resourcefulness, originality, genius, psychic power.     Negative: abnormal & aberrant behavior, moodiness, inability to follow through with plans or achieve personal goals, perversion.


Idealism, spirituality, imagination, illusions, confusion, dreams, intuition, fantasies, ideals, universality, escapism.     Positive: creative genius, artistic vision, spiritual wisdom, romanticism, uncanny intuition, psychic ability, beautiful art & music, construction & architectural masterpieces, the writing of great literature, rise of spiritual leaders.    Negative: escapism, deception, inability to achieve positive personal goals & achieve them, naive nature which may lead to associations with destructive people, drug & alcohol use/abuse, con-artists, crowded prisons.


Transformation, extremes, power, taboos, death & regeneration, obsession, great change, untapped potential.     Positive: life-changing blinding insight or personal transformation, leads others, changes the world, discoveries, uncovering the secrets of the past.    Negative: controlling nature, manipulation, treachery, sadism, violence.


Chiron is actually considered an asteroid, but is included here because of its overwhelming affect on humans. It rules relationship, marriages, family ties, karmic bonds, spouses, the Soulmate, pregnancy, the birth of children in the family, and motherhood and fatherhood. It also rules enduring relationships of all kinds, including those that are strictly business. It rules image and appearance, reputation, charisma, noteworthiness, and public recognition. It rules free will, and has rulership over a part of life as well as death. It rules advancement in the form of innovation, and the ability to successfully blaze new frontiers of all kinds, including scientific, artistic, political and cultural. It also rules pioneers and adventurers.

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