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The Astrological Houses and Their Meanings

First House
The House of  The Self

Your outer self, your physical appearance, how others see you, most immediately, how you project your personality or image into the world disposition. The House of the Self gives you a general picture of your nature and the goals you have in life. The Natural Ruler, corresponding zodiac sign of the First House is Aries. Mars rules the First House.

Second House
The House of Finances and Possessions

Your material resources, physical possessions, vitality & libido, values and attachments, moneymaking potential. It tells you what material you might acquire and what importance you will place on them. It also depicts your ability to manage your finances and earn money. The Natural Ruler or corresponding zodiac sign of the Second House is Taurus, its planetary ruler, Venus.

Third House
The House of  Communication

Communication, early education, intellectual pursuits, relationships with siblings, your near environment. This House governs your style and success in communicating with others through speech and the written word. It also depicts your own desire and ability to learn. The Natural Ruler or corresponding zodiac sign of the Third House is Gemini, its planetary ruler, Mercury.

Fourth House
The House of Home & Family

The home, your internal foundation, security needs, the nurturing parent, your early childhood. This House tells you about your home life and relations with your family. Your family can be interpreted broadly to include close friends. The Natural Ruler or corresponding zodiac sign of the Fourth House is Cancer; the planetary ruler, the Moon.

Fifth House
The House of   Romance & Creativity

Creativity, children of the mind & body, romance & brief love affairs, how and what you give love to, entertainment. This House rules over your love life and sexual nature, new ventures, gambling, and your artistic nature. In a sense, this House is the House of the Heart, for it relates to all things for which you have affection. The Natural Ruler, or corresponding zodiac sign of the Fifth House, is Leo, the planetary ruler: the Sun.

Sixth House
The House of   Compassion & Health

Work & the work environment, service to others, physical health, relationships with co-workers. This House rules over your desire to help others and improve the world. It also depicts the status of your health and often determines the strength of your constitution. The Natural Ruler, or corresponding zodiac sign of the Sixth House is Virgo, the planetary ruler: Chiron.

Seventh House
The House of Partnerships & Conflicts

One-to-one relationships of a contractual, committed nature, either personnel (i.e., marriage) or business. This House may tell you about your present or future spouse and the relationship you will have. It rules over all other types of partnerships and agreements, as well as describes your ability to have harmonious relationships with others. The Natural Ruler, or corresponding zodiac sign of the Seventh House, is Libra, its planetary ruler is Venus.

Eighth House
The House of  Death & Spirituality

Other people’s resources (including insurance, inheritances, partner’s finances) what you expect from a partner, transformation, hidden areas in life. Ruling the mystical forces surrounding birth, death, sex, spirituality and the afterlife, this House also governs inheritances and taxes. It may even give you some insight into the circumstances leading to your own death. The Natural Ruler, or corresponding zodiac sign of the Eight House, is Scorpio, its planetary ruler is Pluto.

Ninth House
The House of  Travel & Mental Journeys

Anything that expands your horizons: long-distance travel, higher education, philosophy, religion. The House of Travel & Mental Journeys governs higher education and the pursuit of knowledge, as well as long distance travel (perhaps overseas). The Natural Ruler, or corresponding zodiac sign of the Ninth House, is Sagittarius, its planetary ruler is Jupiter.

Tenth House
The House of Career & Prominence

Your public image, social standing, career, the parent who connected you with the outer world. This House governs the success of your career, your prominence and reputation in the community, and which accolades and honors you may receive. It indirectly denotes the manner in which you accept responsibility. The Natural Ruler, or corresponding zodiac sign of the Tenth House, is Capricorn, its planetary ruler is Saturn.

Eleventh House
The House of  Friends, Hopes & Aspirations

Those things from which you receive love and validation, friends, groups & associations, goals & aspirations. This House governs your long term goals as well as the associations you make to achieve those personal objectives. It is also the House of Idealism, and your ability to have harmonious relationships with others. The Natural Ruler, or corresponding zodiac sign of the Eleventh House, is Aquarius, its planetary ruler is Uranus.

Twelfth House
The House of Secrets, Sorrows Self-Destruction & Limitations

The unconscious, hidden aspects & repressed parts of yourself, dreams, mental health, innate talents. This House governs mishaps, disappointments, trouble, and the personal demons which may prevent you from leading the life of your choice. Its power manifests itself in escapism, dark secrets, unknown enemies, mental illness, hospitals and prisons. The Natural Ruler, or corresponding zodiac sign of the Twelfth House, is Pisces, it’s planetary ruler is Neptune.

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