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About Me:

Kat Starwolf

Astrological Consultant

Starwolf Astrology Services

       Hello!   And thank you for visiting my web site.     My name is Kat Starwolf.     I am an astrological consultant specializing in Synastric or Relationship astrology with sub-specialties in relocation astrology, psychological profiling and progressions or probability forecasting.

      Although I am fairly ‘new’ to the professional astrological arena,  I have 25+ years experience as an amateur astrologer calculating free readings for my friends,  family and co-workers and honing my craft along the way.     While I am still – and always will be – learning, I felt that it was finally time to take a chance and offer my services professionally.

      Up until this point in my life,  I have been self-taught, having spent the time reading about and applying theories in various areas of astrological sciences and counseling psychology while utilizing these theories in my relationships with those same family,  friends and co-workers.

      Currently I am studying at the Avalon Astrological College offered by Cosmic Patterns,  the developers of the Kepler Astrological software program.     In the near future I hope to avail myself of the astrological Certification Program offered by the Magi Astrological Society,  who are, in my opinion,  one of the foremost contenders in the field of Synastric or Relationship and Financial Astrology.

      Additionally, I am a Lightworker and Starseed, who, like others, is attempting to fulfill my purpose and mission in this lifetime by service to others.     For further inquiries you may e-mail me, All Rights Reserved  Copyright June 2004